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Welcome home….

We arrived back in Manila last night only to be welcomed by torrential rains and wind as large sections of Manila floods once again. We got news that church members in Fairview have been evacuated as the Govt once again releases over full dams, increasing flooding in areas already being evacuated. Here in Baseco we are just all wet and waiting for the rain to move on.

No doubt the Phillipines Govt will soon be calling for aide and assistance. What some one needs to do is teach them how to manage resources. Two simple steps would significantly lessen the effects of rains like this, ONE clean the drains before the rainy season arrived, not during or AFTER, don’t schedule major city wide road works during the rainy season which further messes with drainage issues. Two, manage your water resource with some wisdom, so that dams do not need to be released during storms , sending man made flood waters into already heavily flooded areas. The storms are unavoidable, but they can be planned and for prepared for  as they do come every single year and have done for many hundreds of years, they are not a new thing.

The challenge for govts and individual people is the same, keep on learning and then apply what you learn so that you better things for yourself and those around you. Could these floods cause some restructured thinking and perhaps some major maintainance during the hot season, I would be nice to think so. Maybe one of the countries who send financial aide could also consider sending some drainage engineers so that these events don’t reoccur year after year. Due to the pathetic condition of the drainage system, parts of Manila floods in relatively light showers, let alone stuff like this.

The bible talks of showers of refreshing, if only we could see a move of God like this, now that would be an impressive revival.

In a press conference, PAGASA forecaster Aldczar Aurelio said tropical storm ”Mario” dumped 268 millimeters worth of rains from 8 p.m. Thursday to 8 a.m. Friday at the PAGASA Science Garden in Quezon City.

Aurelio said the average total amount of rainfall for September is 351 mm. This makes the rains dumped by Mario in the 12-hour period worth almost three weeks, or about 76 percent of the monthly average. That’s a lot of rain.

In this photo the river behind our church in Fairview is only feet away from flooding.



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