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Biblical Challenge

A great biblical Challenge is to read through the book of Acts and look at the combination of miracles and church growth. They just about always walk side by side. Both seem to stimulate and grow off of each others. Miracles result in salvations, followers. As followers increase, miracles increase naturally by the increase of the practitioners, more disciples.

In a day where discipleship is often a huge subject, we must connect discipleship to the miraculous.

Jesus had 12, 72 and perhaps at least 120 disciples, which is great if you were one of them. But once we hit the book of Acts and the Holy Spirit is poured out, we see discipleship come alive in the NT church. Growth comes like never before.

In a modern world where we are always looking to tweak and adjust structures, get the best programs and procedures for making disciples, let’s not forget the whole process is based in spirituality.

We must have good programs and great materials, but the existing disciples, who are the only ones who can make disciples, must also have real spirituality as well.


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