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It’s been a while since I did a post.

There have been two reasons for this, one, I was actually locked out of my blog by Word Press for some odd reason, which has now been rectified for me by a good friends computer expertise and two, we have been travelling, which is not really an excuse.

The trip has been great so far, but it has been interesting to see poverty everywhere we have been, which is partly prompting this post.

We all know that poverty is a Global issue, but we often only consider Asia, India and Africa when we think of serious poverty.

But listening to a cousin of mine explain unemployment and homelessness in the the UK was very interesting. Then in Dublin there were so many beggars and so many run down buildings everywhere, it was clearly a city having serious economic problems. Then Belfast was the same.

It reminded me of when we went Canada, and visited Vancouver, which has one of the highest homelessness and vagrancy rates in the world.

It was the same in the Ukraine, huge homeless problems.

All the places mentioned so far are really cold places in winter, not good places to be homeless in, or to be without regular food.

We all know that the bible says “the poor you have always”, and seeing the castles in both England and Ireland, seeing how huge the Guinness Factory is, or the incredible industrial work to build the Titanic, both employing tens of thousands of people and knowing a little of the history of those days, the workers were paid very little. So there has always been a massive gap between rich and poor, and perhaps as populations have increased the gap might seem bigger than it has been in past days, but it has always been there.

There were stories in the Titanic museum, showing workers wages for the unskilled, children barefooted and people surviving on bread and tea as they worked on the biggest floating structure ever made by man in those days. So workers lived in poverty, while the owner of the Titanic rolled in riches.

I suppose Abraham and all the Kings in the O/T were sort of the same. We live in a world of those who have and those who have not.

I ponder the causes and solutions to poverty often, but I wonder if a few simple words like Opportunity, Desire and Determination are enough to explain the differences between rich and poor.

Unless there is crime and/or corruption involved, the rich have usually worked long and hard for their gains, and what one man can do, another man can also do, if he or she will apply the same principles to the opportunities they might be given.

In many countries, people have opportunities, but an Opportunity needs Desire and Determination to make it work. In many places people have Desire, but lack either Opportunity and/or Discipline. In many places you have hard working, disciplined people who simply lack any real opportunity.

Just a few random thoughts, but maybe when that combination of Opportunity, Desire and Discipline can come together, then that could be enough to break an individual out of poverty.

Travel stimulates the thoughts and broadens the mind, two things that I personally need on a constant basis.

I know that there are a billion bible verses that could be quoted right now, but that’s not the point, these are just some unformed thoughts being aired in a blog, so people know that we are still alive and well.



  1. Never been to Ireland but read a book called “Ma, he sold me for a few cigarettes”. A detailed look at the life of one girl and her eight siblings living in abject poverty in the 60″s. Abuse in all forms at home and in the convent where many kids were sent when there were too many to feed. Birth contr ol which would have helped was never an option. So yeah, guess it’s no different today.

  2. I have come to the conclusion that there is no hope outside of God and the kingdom of God. Because when all is said and done, the Titanics of the world end up being sunk to the bottom of the sea while the kingdom of God endures forever.

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