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Business Mentoring

Having had the revelation that schooling is simply not enough to break people out of poverty, and beginning to think about more small business start up concepts, is already having an effect.

Already the Welding Shop has had a huge re-vamp, which is providing extra funds for the ministry and important lessons in business.

We have also started a lolly store, selling lollies that are not sold anywhere else inside Baseco. We buy most of our lollies for 250p, for a bag containing 600 lollies, which we then sell at 1p each. So while we might be talking very small money, we are talking very high profit margains. We started the shop with only 4,000p as capital and are using this as a model on how to build a small business from very little. We are tracking everything in great detail and will use this as a teaching aide as we encourage and fund more young people in their own start up ventures. We are now making the lolly shop mobile, using a converted Pedi Cab type of idea, and will service the 3 schools here in Baseco. We should make an absolute killing this way, and anticipate that we will need another mobile unit perhaps for use in Baseco, but also to be ridden in a nearby park, Luneta, on the weekends, which is a very popular tourist spot and a place for locals and kids to hang out. Once this business grows we might sell it to one of the youth to run as their own, or we might keep it as a learning tool, while using the profits from this to fund other endeavours.

Another business that Jaron has just set up is the Baseco Cinema. It needed a little more capital, a bit over 15,000, but it has a projector and a large screen to shoot movies on. Church can be easily blacked out with rolls up awnings. At the first screening there were 60 children who attended a trial run, with basically no promotion or advertising. We also set the lollie shop up inside and did not allow people to take food or drink into the theatre. With ticket sales and shop sales, we made nearly 1,000p on the first night. So in two months this might well of paid for itself. Again we are not talking big money, but percentage wise, both new ideas are doing brilliantly. There is nothing like this anywhere in the slum, and the real movies are nearly 200p a time.

We have had our second screening at the cinemas, which was also a huge success, and we have done “zero” promotions yet. The cinema concept is a great compliment to the lolly shop. Last night we took more than half as much as the tickets sales, in sales from the shop.

By this time next week, Marielle Raagas, one of our youth will have a fully operating rice dealership using a 10,000p start up given by some one who was going to sponsor her in College this year. This will be a slower business than the first two, as profit margains on rice are very small, but the sales are gauranteed, as they all eat mountains of rice. On rough calculations, it might take this business about 6 months until it is able to generate a wage, but Marielle is still living at home and so she has no real personal costs. Perhaps in 3 months we might be able to add another product to the store and boost sales that way.

We are also running a Small Business Start Up Competition in Youth. Anyone can submit a proposal, three will be chosen and the competition will run for three months. The three will each recieve 4,000p start out funds, some weekly coaching and advice, the winner will be the one who has the most money at the end of the time period. The prize is a touchpad, but really the prize is the business that they set up. They will win their FINANCIAL INDEPENDANCE.

Why the sudden focus on business, what’s the point or purpose…poverty and corruption surround people with disfunctional systems that simply stop them from advancing at all…we are aiming at making people, especially the young, totally independant from these systems. Make it so they don’t need to depend upon an education system that just does not work, put their financial future in their own hands and take it out of the hands of those who choose to pay them 120p per day. We are going to create another system for them to live in and advance in…truly breaking poverty off of their lives. All they think of is “getting a job, to earn some money”, we are ging to change that thought…you don’t need a job, you need “an income” to live your life…how can you generate that income, then how can you develope it and add to it over time…?

Overtime we are also going to introduce FOREX Trading to the youth and the idea of shares and investing. If the systems don’t work, then lets get out of them and begin to chart our own course.

I am watching one young person who has just graduated College, struggling to find a job. The quality of the education is one thing, but then the endless requirements that are needed, all of which cost money, is ridiculous. Many potential employers want 300 hours of unpaid on the job training, after which they usually sack you and get more free staff for the next 300 hours…the systems are stuffed. You have as much chance of winning the lottery as you do of getting a job from the lower Colleges over here.

Change your thinking, start a Business, CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Romans 12:1-2.

Please pray for us, share your ideas and thoughts with us.


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