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9 Piso to Help



Found this lady the other day. I was on the way to the gym and saw an old lady actually sleeping on the roadside.

As I went over to her, I realised that I have never seen anyone so skinny and malnourished in my life. Been here in Baseco for 12 years and we have seen first hand extreme malnourishment, but not like this.

The lady is struggling to breath, can’t walk, just sort crawls around. She is old, haggard, clothes are falling off and she is alone. I speak with her, but she is very hard to understand, so I go home and Ps Marivic to come back and talk to her. She has children, but no one who actually cares for her. Even though she looks old, she is only 61. She has nowhere to bath, nowhere to toilet, nothing to eat…nothing at all.

After Ps Marivic talks to her and we chat to a few uncaring local, we come home again. Ps Marivic gets some clothes and we go back, Marivic dresses her and we take her to a place where she can die in peace, with some comfort, care and love.

As we start to help her, locals, who have basically been watching her die, all come around with the various comments about how they wanted to help but had no money. Many of the people were fat, you can’t get fat with no money, many ran little stores and businesses 10ft from where the lady was dying, again, a miracle, businesses running on no money.

Once we dressed her and organised the transport we take her to Catholic Mission 5 minutes away. They saw us pull up and began to shut the gate, I very quickly, politely, but forcefully pushed open and took the lady inside. The first nun was an Indian, she did not even glance at the dying lady once as she explained to me why they can’t take her. Her explanation was wasted on me.

At the end of a couple of discussions we got to the place where we could leave her with them, they will take her to a Dr for a check up and then transport her to the appropriate facility for care until she dies.

The whole experience cost me some time and some money…how much money…9p, that’s the tricycle fair.


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