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Youth Camp Ends

Just finished our first ever first ever youth camp, huge administration job for our youth leaders, but they have done so well.

A huge thank you to Global Heart, Perth, a church headed by Ps Gerard Keehan for their very generous contribution to the camp, plus Life Central in Cranbourne, Ps Drew Gormlie, Lisbeth and Soeren, and Mark Daniels, together we all do so much more. Thank you so much for helping us to put this event together.

Even heading out of Baseco and getting onto the bus is a crazy job, carrying every single thing that we need for the camp. Campsite has no beds, one toilet for all the boys, 4 toilets for all the girls, challenging, especially when the boys toilet is blocked on the first day, and their shower area stops draining. Then it’s a roster system for the girls toilets, fun, fun, fun.

The camp was full of the normal teams, games, point systems, dramas and dance contests, and let’s not forget the really loud worship and of course, plenty of the Word and Prayer.

They had about 10 teams running amongst the young people, each team had to make a flag at the start of the camp. At anytime during the camp, night or day some one from your team must be holding the flag. If you ever put it down another team will steal it, take it to the camp leaders and you lose points for the team. If you are able to steal a flag, you get points for that.

The work of the 6 cooks, was never done. They just rolled,  from meal to meal, including snacks and drinks, they worked tirelessly, and were greatly appreciated. They were often awake at 3 or 4am preparing breakfast.

Day and night we had young people calling out to Jesus and getting filled with the Holy Spirit. Two șessions each morning and an evening meeting.

On the 2nd night you could of easily thought that this was the last night, the worship just went off. Some really gutsy Planet Shakers, followed by Jesus Culture Worship songs, just wild. The preacher tonight was Rodelo Umbay, our resident Evangelist, but the truth be known, he just stood there, spoke a few words and the Holy Spirit moved in incredible power.

There are many modern preachers who had encounters with God at youth camps and we’re simply never the same again. This night could of been one of those nights…and there was still 2 nights to go…

I actually seriously thought it would be hard to have a better meeting than the one we had on Tuesday night, but tonight, the last night of our camp just went off. Phenomenal.

Incredible presence of God moving not just upon, but THROUGH so many of the young people.

Plus we had 30 young people baptised in water today.

We had two adult visitors from Denmark with us for this last night of our camp.

One was lost in worship during an absolutely crazy worship time, so Celina ran over and prayed for her, and the Holy Spirit really got her. Afterwards she said it has been such a long time since she felt the power of God like that. Bless her, she was so happy.

The other said “what are these young people doing, they just walk past you and you have to go, WOW, what was that.” He said they are actually carrying the power of God.

Brilliant night.

What a camp, what a great group of young people, what great leaders, what a great God.

I really appreciate the invite to preach in this environment and to be with these young people. I consider this to be time well spent, an investment into the future. Every person on the planet has huge potential once they meet Jesus and begin following Him, but these young people have the most precious gift of all, TIME. Their years can be full of Jesus. Living with His Purpose and living a life of Passion. Lives get changed and directions get set at events like this.

I got saved at 21, then wasted a few years, finally ending up in ministry, with the last 12 years as a full time Missionary. If I can impart something to these young people, they will do so much more than I have done, because they can learn from both my success and my failures. They can be launched into ministry off of my shoulders, then they have so many more years in front of them to be effective in ministry than I had. Exciting possibilities. I hope they never see me as too old to join in.

Plus, the young people are genuinely considering the future, as their lives are just starting. They often do not want to accept what is considered normal by the previous generation. So if we can offer them hope and newness, they will often take that with both hands and run with it.

If the energy at these events could be harnessed, you would change the world very quickly.

Past and present concepts and ideas shape the future, we need to ensure that the young, who will live well into the future, are equipped to bring advances into their world.

The future will be their RESPONSIBILITY, which means that the young are OUR RESPONSIBILITY RIGHT NOW.

Let’s make sure they get plenty of encouragement and plenty of opportunities to shape their own world and then they can release the next generation to do the same.


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