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Student Sponsorship

Hi there to everyone who sponsors a student with us, it’s that time of year again where sponsorship funds need to start being paid for the new school year that is approaching.

Most of you will remember that last year was absolutely horrible as far as students dropping out of school, teachers not giving reports…who is still in school, who’s out of school…it was just a mess. This year is shaping up exactly the same way.

Numbers of teachers are with holding report cards, many students have now ended the school year with nothing to verify that they actually went to school at all…it’s messy again.

What I would like sponsors to do this year is to ASSUME your student is still in school, and please just pay your sponsorship money for your student or students that you had last year. For many of you, your student will still be in school, but for some of you, it might turn out that your student has finished school…but these facts we will not know until school actually starts at the start of June.

In June, if it turns out that your student has stopped schooling, I WILL LET YOU KNOW. Then you will have two options, 1 – we will happily refund your sponsorship money, or 2 – you may ask to be given a new student.

Last years mess was completely out of our control, but as a result we were still getting sponsorship money for some students as late as November…we are trying to avoid that situation for ourselves and the students this year.

The following students have finished school this year, there are numbers of other students that we simply do not yet know if they will still be in school this year or not this coming year. If your student is in this list, I will contact you and ask you what you would like to do – these are all High School Students…

  • Carlo Labnotin
  • Gieselle Calunia
  • Glen Mar Dela Cruz
  • John Mar Lumaad
  • John Paul Aguilar
  • J.R Alegria
  • Joshua Aranus
  • Mary Ann Ecleo
  • Nur Aini Alimudin
  • Romel Malabago
  • Twinkle Ortega

…these students have officially stopped schooling for many different reasons and will not be admitted back into the sponsorship program. As I said earlier, if any of your students are in this group, you will receive an email asking what you would like to do in regards to any further sponsorship.

On a much brighter note, we had so many students who ended up as high achievers this year, nearly 50%, who had amazing results and really high averages. We will be posting some of these stats over the next couple of weeks.

We would also like to invite new sponsors. If you have never sponsored a child with us, but are interested, please send an email to and I will give you the appropriate details.

Bless you – Mark and Chris


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