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Obey the RULES

Last night I was just messing around on U-tube and I started watching a number of videos about Scuba Accidents, a number of them ended in fatalities, which is of course horrible for the person and their families. I enjoy diving, and you can learn a lot from the mistakes or incidents, that happen to others, although you do not want some one to die so you can learn.

But as a qualified Rescue Diver, and from the commentaries during and after the various videos, the vast majority of the incidents, with the exception of one death, were simply serious errors in judgement. People were doing things, that according to the training they should of had, they knew they should not be doing. They were stretching boundaries, relying on too little air, not planning well for safe ascents, not checking gauges regularly and often following wrong advice from people who should of known better. Most of the incidents could of been easily avoided by staying well within the guidelines and rules they had learned..

As the bible and God is the source of all absolute truth, the principals that it teaches can be applied to everything in our natural world. How many times do Christians “get themselves” into difficulties, that could of been easily avoided if they had simply stuck to the rules and principals of Gods Word. The bible teaches that “we will know the truth and the truth shall set us free”…but this is only true when the truth we know becomes the truth that we practice. To know the truth, but to ignore the truth, will not only render that truth ineffective for us, but it will also mean that we are deliberately heading in a direction that must eventually lead us to danger, as the further from truth we get, means the deeper into error we are going.

In diving one of the basic concepts is, “never break the rules”. The rules are the safety net, the boundaries that you should usually never cross, they are for your benefit and the benefit of those who are with you. How true is that of the Bible. The bible puts no constraints upon us that we do not directly benefit from.

The Bible is a book of benefits. The rules and principals are there so that we get the maximum benefit. It also clearly reveals to us the consequences of dis-obedience.

In the dive videos, following the wrong person led to issues for others, but once again the bible shows us that while we can listen too and follow the teaching and advice of others, we also have the Bible ourselves as a reference, and we also have the Holy Spirit as a constant guide. So there is no real excuse for us being led astray by others, we can all go directly to the source of Truth for ourselves, so we should always do this.

I think one of our main jobs as Christians is to connect people to Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Word. Once any of these things truly happens, the person will be ok. Once the Holy Spirit is able to truly lead a person, He will lead them well, always in the right direction, their life will change and they will begin to positively effect the lives of others.


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