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Great FIRST Service







First Sunday Service in building 31, Don Bosco – look at the turn out – 6 salvations.

Some people are attending from bible study groups in other buildings, but nearly half are brand new, we have never met them before…how good is that…

Plus, here’s a testimony to blow your mind, Friday night youth in Don Bosco, 6 salvations, 3 baptisms in the Holy Spirit, which is wild by itself…BUT HERE WE GO..a 14 yr old girl from Don Bosco, who got saved in December, was recently filled with the Holy Spirit…She was the one who God used to save 6, and fill 3…that’s WILD… saved for 3 mths, already got 6 saved, and 3 Baptised in the Holy Spirit.

That’s a testimony worth talking about… Thank you Jesus…


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