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Father the Fatherless


This is Mark Josiah, he is a malnourished, tiny, 4 year old boy. Who was given an ice cream and did not eat it as fast as his father wanted him to…so it “dripped” on his clothes.

This was enough to enrage the brain dead, moron of a father, who then gave this tiny little boy a black eye.

This photo was taken two days after the event, but the swelling is still obvious.

Dad is on his way to city jail as I write this blog, he can get 12 years for this…I hope he gets 20, as this is not the first time.

It’s one thing to say “this is shocking, that should not happen”, it’s another thing to get involved and help out.

We will put his wife (Esting) and 5 children into our family sponsorship program.

$25 per week, for a long time…who would like to help with this…?


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