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It Works…

Our goal is to do missions well, this is actually our mission. Quote by Eric Clar, Thailand.

Our sole purpose is to “make Disciples”. The success of this is only really seen, once those who we consider to be “our disciples”, are making their own disciples. Only a disciple can make a disciple – there is no other way it can be done.

The above statement is why success cannot really be measured by numbers alone.

Three words that we use to explain the Discipleship process, or more accurately, what we do…

Gather – Grow – Go…

GATHER is sort of obvious, but anyway you can, get people to Jesus. Three basic ways that people can get to Jesus…

They can go direct to Him by themselves, Mark 1:40-45, Mark 3:7-10.

Some one can take them to Him, Mark 1:32-34, 2:1-4.

Jesus can call them Himself.

…it can happen anyway, anytime, anywhere…but this is the aim, GET PEOPLE TO JESUS.

GROW is not so simple, and there is no real pattern that is guaranteed to work with everyone, but there are a few principals that should not be avoided.

Teach absolute dependence upon God, not you or the church.

Teach people how to both TEACH THEMSELVES and LEAD THEMSELVES. Impossible if I am insecure and need to be in control. I cannot be in control, and in many ways, should never be in control. I am not God, I will never be God, I follow God & and encourage others to do the same.

The number one most important part of GROW,  is to connect people to the Holy Spirit as soon as possible – because He can teach them all things, I cannot. He will reveal the Truth of Jesus, the Word, prayer, He will change them, He will lead them. Once they are truly connected to Him, I know they will be ok, because He loves them more than I do.

Connect people to Jesus, then connect them to the Holy Spirit, first two steps.

Then GO is not actually anything we need to do, it’s automatic once GATHER & GROW has happened, what we must do is make sure we are not trying to stop them with our insecure practices of control. My role is simply CONTINUALLY ENCOURAGEMENT, never control.

This article is not a theory and it did not come from the latest book, this what we do, and this is working for us and I think, it will work for anyone anywhere, anytime…If we are serious about the Mission to make disciples.


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