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Prayer Please

I have never put personal stuff on this site, but today is the exception…

Our son, Michael Togo, needs real prayer. He is completely unsaved and is going into a custody battle over a little girl that he just adores.

His attitude is often less than desirable, his drinking is out of control…he is heading for a train wreck, unless God intervenes.

He needs to be saved, he must be born again. He needs to repent and bow the knee to Jesus, he must be humbled under the hand of Almighty God.

Stick him on the fridge – Michael Togo, pray however you are led, but please pray.

Pray right now, you just read the post…now is a great time.

Really appreciate it. Prayer is the only thing we covet.

Mark and Christine.



  1. Lord, I pray for that Michael, the one You called before he was born. I remind You of Your responsibility to bring Michael’s calling forth so Michael can go into all of the nations and preach the gospel of Your kingdom. Lord, I remind You that You are able to do this because we are not. So, Lord whatever it takes to bring Michael into Your kingdom and into His calling. Send Your light and Your truth into Michael’s life today…and we thank You and Praise You for doing this, in Jesus’ name.

  2. It is Gods will that the all people come to the knowlege of Christ, to that end I pray, Holy Spirit make yourself known to Michael, impact his life, arrest his attention, reveal your Love for him to him. Open his eyes to see and his ears to hear the message you have for him. Sooth his pain with your presence, temper his anger with your wisdom, give him hope and redeem him through the grace that is in Jesus. Amen.

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