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Enjoy Being Unsettled

One of the biggest challenges, or perhaps, the Mission in Missions, is to do Missions well…

Our Mission is to do Missions well” – Ps Eric Clar

Missions cannot simply be about Reaching others with the Gospel, this is the start point, but not the actually goal of Missions. We must Reach, Empower and Release others into their personal mission with Christ. It’s Disciples who make Disciples, no one else can do this job.

I was so challenged by a recent missions trip (actually, my first missions trip, I have travelled before and preached in other countries, but not really as Missions work…). This trip was to Thailand, a country steeped in culture and traditional, unlike any other country I have seen before. Over 60 million people with less than 200,000 Christians, even though there are so many Christian Missionaries there, who are doing amazing works for the Kingdom of God.

To see the power of tradition and culture playing such a powerful role in the process of reaching people with the Gospel, I had just never seen it like this before. I caused confusion in my mind, because the Gospel is the power of God to salvation, the Holy Spirit has been poured out and He will surely convict the world of sin, and of course both of those things are happening, but at what seems to be an incredibly slow rate. It has caused me to re-think and to re-examine many things in my belief structures. It has also caused me to go back to the bible to find solid basis for many of the things that I though were so clear

It was an incredible trip from the view point that it has caused me to try and be much more precise, much more focused on what we are trying to do, and how we are trying to do it.

If our Mission is to do Mission well…are we succeeding…what needs to change, be refined – very challenging trip.



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