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Concept for Missions

Reading a Psychology Book from DK books, really interesting ideas. None of the following is from any one part of the book, just a mixture of “part quotes”  and my insights.

Education is often a method to make a child to be acceptable, by the appropriate standards of current society. So this is education by conformity to a perceived present standard.

But perhaps the goal of education should be to create people who can do new things, in perhaps, new ways…people who can advance society…people who can bring positive future change.

Teach people how to teach themselves, lead people to a place where they can lead themselves.

DEVELOPE those who will grow and DEVELOPE society.

Real intelligence, in light of the above concept, is seen by what you do, when you don’t know what to do.

Knowledge is a constant system of adjustments, to ever changing circumstances, that become progressively adequate for the needs of life, but they must remain continually adjustable, in an ever changing society, which is always trying to fulfil the basic needs of life in different ways.

In other words, you must do what you need to do, in order to survive and hopefully advance – this should the measure of true intelligence.

Education would be far more effective if it’s aim was to teach people how to better lead themselves. Teach people how and why, to make better decisions for themselves and for others.

Question – was learning THIS (any subject or concept), beneficial to those who learned it – either way, is it still relevant to those who you think should learn it today…

Your children will naturally need to learn different things to you…it’s a different day, with a different way…how and what you teach them is very important.

This whole concept can be applied to Missions – AM I TEACHING WHAT REALLY NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT, IN A WAY IT CAN BE LEARNED BY OTHERS…?


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