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The FREEDOM we have…

We are here in Thailand for our very first youth missions trip, working with The River.

We are being both blessed and challenged at the same time, sometimes it’s a blessing just “to be challenged”.

Here in Thailand an amazing work is being done, but it is so different to the world we know.

1 – Here there is no foundation of Christianity in the culture, you can’t talk to just anyone about Jesus, as no one knows – Baseco and the Philippines is 100% open to the Gospel, we can preach and pray, worship in public when ever we want to. We open bibles and people readily get saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.

2 – The Thai world is a world that is still dominated by so many traditions, that are truly in the heart of the nation – the Philippines has nearly no real tradition left, especially amongst the poor, so there is no “history” to hinder the spread of the Gospel.

This is such a learning curve for us, we are used to walking into the home of a complete stranger for the first time, opening the bible, offering prayer and often seeing instant responses to the Gospel. This afternnon we did home visitation, most of the visits lasted less than 10 minutes, and even with the couple of Christians that we visited, there was no sharing of the bible, prayer or worship. Here it is this gradual building of relationships (that seems like it can take a long while), before a doorway of opportunity can open up for the gospel.

Allan asked me today how can we work here, what can we do here. My response was that we need God to do things directly by the Holy Spirit. When Peter was sharing in the house of Cornelius, the Holy Spirit came and moved all by Himself, without an invitation and even without the hands of man to work through…He, the person of the Holy Spirit moved in His own power.

PLease pray for us, as this is exactly what we need to happen here, we can’t preach, we can’t lay hands…but we have the Holy Spirit, and He can do whatever He wants to do…rivers of living water must flow from us, regardless of any of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

I will be very clear, in this post I am definitely not in any way demeening or being negative about The River Teams work here in Thailand, they are doing amazing things…this is actually about us and the Holy Spirit by passing our limitations.

Huge learning curve…but God is more than able.

Excited, Stirred and Focused – Mark


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