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There are so many things in our lives that produce fear, worry, anxiety or stress – HOPE, is the main remedy for these type of issues.

The issues outlined above are often focused on a worst case scenario, concerning something that is happening now. HOPE is always focused on a best case scenario, that is coming soon.

One of the things HOPE does, is that it creates courage to face the issue at hand with greater determination, and it stops us getting buried in “the now”.

When there is no concept of God or Eternity, then time erodes HOPE & DREAMS. As we get older, we view our time as being less, so our HOPE & DREAMS generally become smaller, measured by the time we have.

But Christians have a living HOPE, that goes well beyond the grave. So our dreams & aspirations should never fade or demise. The Bible teaches that as we lay hold of HOPE, hopes actually lays hold of us and becomes and anchor that holds us secure.  So that even if there are storms around us, we will not be moved.

One of the most important things to have is HOPE.

To loose all HOPE, is to really loose everything.

At all costs, we must keep HOPE ALIVE.


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