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Houses for the POOR

One of our more popular Projects, is the building of homes amongst the poor. Just random acts of kindness, find a really bad home, learn a bit about the family who lives there, how many children, the work situation etc…and then watch the smile on their faces and sometimes tears, as we tell them that Jesus loves them and He has sent us to fix up their home. All of the pics above are the types of homes that we choose to rebuild, we pick the worst of the worst.

Try to imagine yourself and your family living in some of these “things”. How safe would you feel at night, with drunks and thieves wandering around, no street lights, no phone to call police? Your house does not “lock up”, so how often would you leave it unattended? If you had to leave it, would you worry about your children being alone in it, while dad was at work? What do you do with a fire…while you are not there? What about a typhoon? Living with a sickness? Hygiene issues, no running water? Privacy for toileting and bathing?

All over the world people need some where to live, a place to store possessions, a secure place for women and children to sleep, a shelter from weather, a place to run to where mum will be if you need her. Amongst the poor, many don’t really live inside their home like Australians do, they live more in the community, but we still all like the security of having some thing that is ours.

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12 years ago when God sent us to this country there was officially 45% of the nation living under the US poverty line, which is living on less than 2 US dollars per day. It’s now nearly the end of 2013, and the official poverty statistics in a country which last year has just reached 100,000 million people, is now estimated to be 65% living under the poverty line. An interesting statistic seeing how for the last few years the Philippines has been rated the 2nd best country in the world for investors and business. The rich minority of the world seems to truly need poverty in order for them to prosper. But this is not the topic of this post, but the words of Jesus are clearly true, “the poor you will have always, and whenever you want you can do them good”.

A house is such a simple thing for us to do, but it is such a huge blessing for those that get them. We spend between 10,000 and 15,000 piso on a house (depending upon what needs to be done with it), if you are only earning between 100 – 200p per day, that is an amount that is simply impossible for you to save or raise. When we build a house, we have done something “good”.

We don’t build homes in order to manipulate people into church. Of course, we will share Jesus with the people we build houses for, but we share Jesus with everyone, some believe, some don’t, that’s their choice…we are building the house regardless of the response. But for many, the house we build for them on earth, is the catalyst for connecting their heart to heaven. So we secure their homes here, which often leads to their security in eternity. We do something temporary, that leads to something Eternal.

Lets keep this program running, lets keep blessing people. I will just note here, that 2014 we will need to raise the cost of building a home to between AUD 250 – 500. As you know yourself, you walk into the supermarket this week and certain products have increased in price from last week, it’s exactly the same here, everything goes up, nothing comes down. Building materials all went up last year, with many products nearly doubling in price over our time here in Baseco. We make no apologies for the increase, the global economy is not in our control.

We are so grateful to the many who have sponsored homes over the years, especially Ps Gerrard Keehan and Global Heart in Perth, who have been incredibly generous, Ps Phil Sampson and his church in Gove, and Rob Bradbury with Green Aide Relief. Of course there are many individuals who have also built homes, and while you are not all mentioned here by name, you know who you are and you know you are appreciated.

Bless you all, together we are making a difference – Mark and Christine.



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