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Walking with Jesus…




Check out these photos. We started in Don Bosco, a large, dangerous slum area, near Smokey Mountain, at the start of this year. A slum with a bad reputation and a big population, a place where we were starting from scratch.

There are 33 old factory buildings there, housing thousands of people. Our plan was to take Jesus and let Him shine through us and change lives. Our aim was to have one solid contact person or family, saved or not, in each building by the end of the year. We were not aiming to start any official, structured bible studies there until sometime early next year.

But as you can tell from these photos, God had a better plan…
At this gathering there were 80 adults, and no doubt stacks of children. The gospel was preached, Jesus was lifted high and many came to salvation.

I am not sure if these people were all from one building, or a number of buildings combined (as I am in Australia at the moment), but it does not really matter…we started with nothing about 10 months ago, and now we have 80 adults gathering in Jesus name, that’s a decent size church in a short time, remembering that we only go into this area two mornings a week…

It shows us a number of things, God’s heart for the lost, His desire to get the job done and the quality of the leaders that God has given us.

Manny Pring has been saved for at most, 3 years. In many places he would still be considered a “new Christian”, but he has worked with me in this work nearly from the start, and now he completely runs this area of Ministry.

Time is nothing to God, heart quality is everything. We give our people lots of opportunities, and they usually rise to the occasion. The potential in every person is unlimited.

Thank you Jesus, and well done Manny.


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