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Making Disciples/Leaders

We have been here in Baseco for over 11 years now, and so much has happened, God has done so many good things. Lives have been changed, lives have been “saved” in all senses of the word. Homes have been built, thousands of children saved from malnourishment and TB, children are able to go to school, people have been blessed in so many ways.

But for me, other than salvation, the greatest thing that we have seen, and that we keep seeing, is leaders rising up. We have people who we led to Jesus, who are now in leadership, who have themselves led people to Jesus, who are now also in leadership…and even this third group have led people to Jesus, who are now entering leadership. So in 11 years, if you include us in the stat’s, we started with nothing and we have seen at least 4 levels of leadership rise up from the slum.

For us leadership is nothing at all connected to position or any sort of prestige, it’s all about maturity and influence. In fact, many of the leaders that I see in Australia, would not be leaders in our organisation, as all many of them seem to do, is talk. They lead very few people to Jesus, make even fewer real disciples and they work very few miracles – three things that ALL of our leaders do at every level of the ministry.

For me, once people start to get that sense of calling and purpose, their whole life changes and leading them becomes so much easier, nearly to the point where you don’t need to lead them, just need to steer them a little bit from time to time, as they are off and running by themselves. Once an individual is producing their own fruit, both in themselves and in the lives of others, that’s their motivation to keep going, that’s where their confidence comes from. They now know what they are doing and they know why they are doing it.

For numbers of our leaders, where they live has been overshadowed by what they are doing. They have a purpose that is far clearer and far greater than their current living situation.

I think I see this greatest in our youth leadership. All of our leaders at every level are brilliant, but the energy that is in youth, the freedom they have time wise, their ability to learn and their desire to learn, combine to give them the opportunity to simply launch into leadership at a great pace. All we have ever given our youth leaders is encouragement and opportunity, very few rules, even less regulations and we have been very careful in how we have ever said the word “NO”. We might not really of ever said the word “NO”, choosing instead to give explanations and options that perhaps opened up new ideas and concepts that might not of been considered. We want our youth, happily going forward in leaps and bounds, never feeling like they are being shackled or held back in any way at all.

Alan and Rodelo have done a brilliant job at setting up the youth ministry, and the young people that are rising up under them are the living testimonies of their work. This next level of youth leaders will be greater than Alan and Rodelo have ever been, and that’s exactly how it should be.
You should work hard at making your children better than you.

As I watch our youth develop, it makes me excited about the future of the ministry.


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