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I have been in Australia for just over a  week now to spend time with my mother, who has been in hospital since I got here.

She had breast cancer 17 years ago, is 83 years old and now has cancer in numbers of lymph glands on both sides of the body, the right lung, shadows on the liver. The Dr says this all a resurgence of breast cancer, but there is also a strong chance she also has ovarian cancer, which in an 83 yr old, means there are very limited treatment options, although the Dr did say that if tests revealed 100% ovarian cancer, we can keep her going for while with medications. But this is not news anyone would like to hear.

So needless to say, it’s a tiring and stressful time for me and the 3 girls. We actually have a family meeting with the Dr today to get all of the results. We have been told much more than mum has at this stage, but today will be a huge day, as today, we get all the details and mum will also know everything.

Mum has a form of belief in God, although it is very religious, there is definitely no Spirit filled, Born Again experience…YET.

After birth, there is only really one thing that is absolutely guaranteed, and that is, death. We tend to spend most of our energy and effort living life, but, at some time, we all need to prepare for death.

My mother is not ready to die, the peace and rest, that only God can give is not in her yet.

So that’s the focus in prayer, that revelation of Jesus and Eternity, that makes everything ok.

Her name is Evelyn Pedder, my 3 sisters are Melody, Michelle and Kim, they will also need prayer to help them walk through this with mum.



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