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Sudden Trip to Australia

Hi there to all…

Life is full of surprises…

My mother had breast cancer many years ago, but she has just found out that she now has a large growth on her ovary, a legion on her liver, 2 growths in her lung and 4 growths on lymph nodes, which are causing her arm to go from normal, to where she can’t put her clothes on due to swelling, in just the last couple of weeks….there are no good signs in the information us siblings have recieved, plus she is 83 years old…

Prayer would be appreciated, as I am the only Christian in my family and the only male figure present in what will be a very difficult time for our small family. I have 3 sisters and their 6 children, that’s it for our family in Australia, the rest are in England and will probably not be involved in this at all.

My mother is not a Christian, that must happen as soon as it can…that’s my job…

Appreciate the prayer…


  1. Hi Mark, praying for your mother’s healing,and restoration most importantly, for her salvation through Jesus Christ. God bless!

  2. Hi Mark,

    You probably thought we had dropped off the planet, but we only got back home today after 3 months away. Got your email about your Mum. Will go into prayer for her as asked, and for you when you talk to her, and that the Holy Spirit would give you the words to say. Will get in touch by email in the next few days with more details. We’ve been praying about the tornado as well – hoping everyone is OK.

    God bless you,

    Rob Duncan

    Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 04:18:31 +0000 To:

  3. Praying that you are in Australia with your mum at the moment and not in Manilla. I think about you and your lovely wife often. Love and prayers for you both, your mum, and of course all the individuals who have been affected by the typhoon. xoxoxox

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