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Funds Adjustments for 2014

Financial Adjustments

This is a post specifically for churches, leaders and individuals who have, and who are currently funding or sponsoring various aspects of John 14:12’s Ministry Activities.

We have been incredibly blessed over the last 11 years of ministry and have no complaints at all about support and funding, but we are always looking ahead in an endeavour to avoid or prepare for potential issues. We do this practically with leadership development, discipleship, vision, church growth and our financial situation.

The trend in ministry over the last few years is that people, churches and organisations have focused their giving on specific projects, which is of course great as many new projects have started and/or been done, but much of what we do is not part of those projects, and a lot of what we do can’t really be packaged as a project, but it still needs to be done.

As we all know, everything costs money, there is very little in life that is totally FREE. We have been honourable with finances and when funds are given for a specific thing, they are used entirely on that specific thing, and we will continue to be honourable, but we are stating here, that there will be changes early next year with how we run our finances. We have never taken admin’ fees from any donation (bank fees, ATM fees, overseas withdrawal fees), choosing to carry those costs ourselves for the last 11 years, but as time carries on we will need to make adjustments to how we run our finances, as these small fees all mount up month after month. At the moment there is no real issue with our finances, but if the trends continues, there will be an issue in the next couple of years, so we need to adjust things now.

Basically we need a lot more funds to go into what we call “GENERAL FUNDS”. We see that we can possibly do this in two ways…

1 – Make it clearer, promote more directly to sponsors that they can donate directly to “GENERAL FUNDS” and that it is actually VERY NEEDED and important, explaining what that area of ministry covers, so people know what they are donating too…

2 – Take a percentage from ALL DONATIONS that will go into “GENERAL FUNDS”…

General funds covers the following, bank fees, all wages for national staff, we have 2 couples (with families) and two youth on full time staff (Ps Marivic and Marco Robedillo with 4 children, Manny and Rolinda Pring with 4 children, Alan Raagas and Rodelo Umbay, just newly married), running and maintenance expenses for the 3 motorbikes we use, buying bibles and evangelistic materials, church maintenance and all church associated costs for 3 healthy churches, youth and childrens church activities for those 3 churches, sound system expenses, chairs, expenses for two students in college, repairing and maintaining tools we use building houses, paying electricity costs, often a lot of our medical work, transport to hospital for people and a myriad of other incidental costs…all of these come out of “GENERAL FUNDS”. These are not things that will ever be part of a Project, but they must be done, and they do have costs attached. If these expenses are not covered, the projects could not happen, these are foundational things that allow us to be here.

Christine and me, also have only ever received personal support for our living expenses from ONE CHURCH in the last 11 years, and while WE are not a project, if WE are not here, nothing happens. Sometimes people forget that as the work grows and expands, the work load INCREASES. We have happily chosen to live at a very “base rate”, being very confident that there are no excess’s at all in our personal budget, but if “what we do is seen as important, then WE must also been seen as important”, because without us, it does not happen.

We are definitely not “crying poor” with this post, but we are explaining a potential, future issue and we are pre-warning you all about DEFINITE FUTURE CHANGES in our financial management.

We will be talking with our board about any possible changes, nothing happens unless it goes through our board, but we will more than likely begin from January 2014 taking a set percentage from every single donation, which will then be put into “GENERAL FUNDS” to cover basic ministry running costs. General Funds will begin to be promoted as a clear project area and WE will present ourselves as a potential project area.

We would love your feedback, comments and suggestions. This is just a fore warning that changes will be coming, they are unavoidable, we just need to do them well, wisely and with clear purpose and explanation.

Bless you all – Mark

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