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The Gospel goes ANYWHERE






The adventure continues after 11 years of adventure, there are still new things…

Today we went to block 17, old site, one of the few remaining original areas of Baseco and did a bible study in a floating house build out over the Pasig River. Just sensational. Beautiful sea breeze was blowing, sun was shining and the Gospel was being preached…me and Vic were walking down memory lane with comments about the old Baseco and how much has changed.

I think they are classic photos.

Then this old man hobbles out for prayer. He got hit by a truck a long, long time ago and his foot and able were smashed. His foot was just ugly, jet black, shiny stretched tight skin and there was this thing growing out of the centre of the wound…the more I looked at it the more I thought “I ain’t touching that”, I did not want to catch whatever that was, it was bad. Hence, there is no photo… Pic would of done it no justice anyway, YOU HAD TO BE THERE, and you were not, so you miss out…

But, then we only live once, right, and my life is not my own, which means my hand is not my own, right, it’s just part of the vessel that God uses, right.

So we chat to him about Jesus, share a couple of testimonies and I take both hands, wrap them around this thing and thank Jesus for His power. Nothing happened right then, but that man is going to walk normal in Jesus name.

We go there next Friday, so I will update this post then…CAN YOU BELEIVE…

Love what we do, love what Jesus does more.


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  1. i just love all the good works you have been doing in my country and for my own kind.

    keep up the good works…

    may God richly and abundantly increase His grace upon you and your ministry.

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