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Had an insight into Discipleship – the role of the DISCIPLER, is a far greater responsibility than that of the disciple, just as the role of the father/mother is far greater than that of the child, especially while the child is young.

To disciple someone is a very serious commitment. Perhaps that’s why Jesus only started with 12…it’s a huge job.

In the early stages the disciple, or the child, can’t really fail, as they are a child and only know what they know, but the DISCIPLER can fail the child greatly by not being committed, serious and responsible in their role.


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  1. I guess as a parent it is a wee bit easier to understand that…..but as your kids grow a parent can default, be distracted, be too busy, be impatient, be immature even…..the tradgedy of our society is that we have children raising children. I think this is reflected in the church, that is why Paul said Teachers many Fathers few, it costs to be a Father, teaching is easy, you can leave……..Fathers are the disciplers, not all good teachers can Father too….that is our challenge! Teachers who can mother and father, or disciple! Challenge indeed!

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