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New Missionaries

Hi there to all that follow this blog.

I have just put a new link on the blog called “Paula and Ashley Varga”. These guys are planning to come and work with us here in Baseco for up to 2 years, being trained for their own missionary work somewhere in the future.

Can I encourage you all to encourage them. Connect to their blog, comment on stuff, pray for them, help them to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

The world needs more missionaries. I know that we are all missionaries in one way or another, but there is a difference when you leave your own nation and go and live some where totally alien to you, in conditions that you might never experience in your own country. There is a level of “seriousness and commitment” about it, that is beyond the normal christian life.

At the moment, Paula and Ashley are sort of no one in the missions world, they have accomplished nothing amazing yet, but just the fact that they have heard the call and are responding to the call and are preparing “TO GO”…that’s a feat in itself. Amen.

Prayerfully consider supporting them, key word is always prayerfully when it comes to support/money. Money has been so abused by both the christian and the non-christian world, use money only as the Holy Spirit leads. But also understand that support is more than money, it’s prayer, encouragement, it’s building a meaningful connection, a relationship with them, being interested in both what they do and who they are. What they end up doing is nowhere near as important as who they are, don’t forget that.

Just want to promote these guys a bit, it might not mean much, but I recommend them to you.

Bless you all – Mark


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