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Another Home, another family greatly blessed…

Homes Built, LIVES Changed.

We have now built, or renovated well over 500 homes. There are so many individuals and larger churches that fund house building. House building is such a simple thing to do, but is often such an impossibility for the families whom we bless.

It’s the rainy season now, so if you are a mum with 10-12 children, a couple of whom are sick or malnourished, a husband who has no real job, just being able to keep your children out of the rain and give them a safe place to sleep is obviously a huge help to you.

Most of the people who build homes through us never get to come and see the homes we make, but they do get the pictures and a few stories.

We are so grateful to all those who sponsor a home, or those who support us in any of the myriad of ways that support comes.

Here’s an example of people we give homes to –

There are two young ladies that we send to High School, Mary Joy and Mariel Raagas. They come from a family of 9 siblings, mum, Mariisa and dad, Ariel, so 11 people in one tiny home. They have been married for 16 years. The youngest is one. Dad works as a “Cargador” in Divisoria. Which means he carries vegetables to or from trucks, or private cars, if and when they have a buyer. He gets paid according to what he carries, so, no or few customers, no or small income. On a rare, good night, he can earn 400p (AUD 10), but usually he earns less than 200p – how many children did we say he has – 9…

Could he get a better job, no, he has a grade 3 education.

We started a renovation on their house, and in many cases it is very hard to get good pics that really show how bad a house is. They have a small house, with a downstairs section maybe 8 ft wide and 14ft deep, they also have a tiny upstairs section, about 8 ft x 8ft. Downstairs is dark, dank, rat infested, upstairs has more natural light, but some of the walls are plastic and old ripped tarps, definitely not rain proof.

So off we go, these jobs are much harder than just building a new house. Ariel comes home from work after earning his less than 200p over night and helps us all day to work on his house. At lunch time they provide food for me and the other 3 workers (they do not have to do this, there are 11 of them already, now they are feeding 15 on their less than 200p). We make sure the family is eating and that they have plenty, and then we eat.

Some facts and figures on how much we spent on this house – we spent 12,000p on materials and wages, one piece of ply for the floor costs us 950p, one piece of roofing iron costs us 320, how could this family afford any of these basic things.

It’s tricky to see what we did in this situation, basically we ripped up the 2nd storey floor and replaced it with a new one. We then put some framing up on the upstairs walls and re-walled the house on the inside, this leaves the old crappy walls as weather protection for our new ply. We ripped off the pre-tense of a roof they had and put a completely new roof on. We made sure there were two wooden windows installed upstairs for ventilation and a breeze on hot nights.

I have just posted a heap of pics without much explanation, but I am sure you can see what we did.

All we did was renovate the upper room, make it dry and safe for them, and that cost us 12,000p.

These are the sort of families that we (us and sponsors) help. We now have numbers of people who support our building program, so “your” money is making a difference in some ones life.

We do a house usually every single week.

Bless you all – Mark























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