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BBB Update

Birthing Better Babies is having a great impact upon mums and their new born babies.

We have now birthed over 100 babies, all of which have been healthy, fat and strong.

We have only had one baby born with any complications to date, little Christine Joy, who had two holes in her heart. As of the writing of this post, she has been at the brink of death nearly slipping into a coma, but the prayers of the saints brought her back. The latest update upon her was that she was out of the coma, breathing and heart beat were normal and she was eating. Huge improvements.

We are finding that younger and younger mums are enrolling in the program, having nearly no knowledge about birth or child bearing. This is really a culture where you find it all out through experience, which often ok, but when you are 16 and pregnant, that can be very scary and for the mum and can be potentially hazardous to both mother and child.

We have numbers of churches and individuals who support this program, to all of which we say a HUGE THANK YOU.

We have now had many professional mid wives come and lend their hands and their expertise in training, teaching and just loving these mums and their babies.

It is interesting to note, that in a Catholic nation, where most forms of birth control are frowned upon, more than 95% of our mums take the option of having a tubal ligation after birthing what might be child number 11. Tubal Ligation is an “optional” part of the program, and while frowned upon by the church, very much enjoyed by the mums. Glaring evidence that the national church is well and truly out of step with the general populace.

It’s a great program and it’s having a great impact.

Jade Oliver

Joy Florez

Really Padilla

Renalyn Peralta

Siony Baldon

Christina Busa





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