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One Way Only – His Way

People cannot determine the terms of their own salvation. But this is often what we try to do.

Often we try to walk with Jesus “MY WAY”, expecting that Jesus will adjust around MY BELIEFS, or that He will some how accommodate MY OPINIONS, as if they were His Truth.

When it comes to religion, anything OUTSIDE of the bible is wrong. Paul, a smart, intelligent man, chose to know nothing except Christ Jesus and Him crucified, the lesson in this is so clear.

The challenge of 1 Cor 4:6 – do not even THINK outside of what is written. The Bible must become the boundary of our being. The base, the foundation for all our concepts, comments and ideas. The Bible must be so built into our life, that it is entwined in every thought we have, where it and us are inseparable.

This will automatically mark us as ignorant in the eyes of the intellectual, but this is only because the wisdom of the fools in Christ, confounds the wisdom of the worlds wise.

99% of my reading is the actual bible. I have had comments from pastors to caution me against that, with all those phrases like “leaders are readers”, “we need balance”,” learn from others” – and while it is never clearly stated, the idea is this, the bible is not enough by itself.

Let me tell you, that’s why we have so many stupid doctrines and practices in Christianity today. If mankind needed something more than the bible, God would of given it to us. Perhaps the only thing we could add, is the Holy Spirit, to give us understanding of the Bible, but He has been sent and given already. There is nothing more to add.


Many people have never seemed to notice that all the EXTRA things that we attach to Christianity DO NOT WORK. So let’s cut away all the crap, and get back to just the book and the basics, they work.

BURY YOURSELF IN THE BIBLE. If you do not, you will leave yourself open to all kinds of deceit and error.


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