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We are what we “WILL 2B”

The Bible clearly outlines the work of the Holy Spirit in guiding and leading us. He is combined with the Word, both spoken and inspired.

But, there is another force at work before the great Holy Spirit can begin His work…


No one can be led, if he or she refuses to follow.

What “we will” determines our spiritual state and direction.

The idea of “being determined” has been lost in many Christian lives, with an incorrect fear of being “in the flesh”. But I am human, everything I do starts in my flesh. With determined choices, my flesh can lead me into the Spirit and can keep me there by continued right choices. Continued right choices allow the Holy Spirit to begin the work of guiding, and let’s face it, He has been involved in the whole stirring of my heart, which is now leading me in this direction. But everything begins with MY CHOICE.

Consistently in the bible we see people who made choices that determined the outcome of their lives.

Jacob vowed and vow, Daniel purposed in his heart, Jesus set His face like flint and went to the cross, Paul determined to know nothing but Jesus.

Spiritual greatness that grew from a determination of will.

In the Kingdom of God, what “we will”, is accepted as what “we are”.

Jesus says if anyone desires to follow me, follow, if anyone thirst, drink. As a man thinks in his heart, so he is…

I will only be what Jesus wants me to be, when “I want to be” what Jesus wants me to be”.

There is a work of God, that must be preceded by a work of man…my will, must be to do His will, without this, His will, will not be done.

Determine, decide, turn your flesh to the will of God, this is where the flesh is crucified. It’s a denial of ungodly fleshly desires, and replacing them with Godly ones. It’s a putting off of the old man, and a putting on of the new.

It’s a daily choice, choose well.


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