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World View…

There was a time in Christian history where we only saw two sides of the world, two paths to walk. One was evil, one was good. One was run by the devil and sin, the other by God and righteousness.

The two sides were completely opposite to each other, there was no compromise, no debate, no discussion, it was black and white, they were at war, battling for the souls of men.

To make a stand on the side of God, meant that you were instantly engaged in a battle, seen by the devil as his enemy whom he must destroy. There is no mercy or grace to come from the enemy. The battle would be fierce, fast and vicious. There are no rules, and the battle will rage until either you fall or until you die and enter Eternity. There was NO safe middle ground.

It is interesting how time changes our view of something that might not actually of changed at all.

The above description is very clearly biblical, but it is not all that accepted in the world view of many modern Christians.

Today, as a general rule, the world is seen as a place to play, to enjoy, make connections, gather resources and build various kingdoms (Christian or otherwise).

It is no longer seen as the territory of the enemy, it’s no longer a place to be careful, cautious or alert, instead, relax, enjoy, don’t be so serious. After all, we can’t reach the lost if we are separated from them or seen as offensive by them. We can’t be too different, how will we relate…

In an effort to be heard, the lie speaks loud and long, but it’s real power comes when it begins to infiltrate the minds, the thinking and the theology of the church. As Christians begin to echo and reinforce the lie, as if it were in actual fact, a truth, now it has real power.

This changed world view surely accounts for much fruitlessness and the weakening of the body of Christ.

If we are not DELIBERATELY ADVANCING THE CAUSE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD, then we are working against it, there is no neutral ground.

Do not follow the pattern of this world. This world is passing away, do not pass away with it.



  1. “There is no neutral ground in the universe; every square inch, every split second, is claimed by God and counter-claimed by Satan.” (C.S. Newton)

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