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Plan & Provision

With God, the PLAN & the PROVISION always come at the same time.

There is never need nor worry in the work of the ministry, just WAIT until you HEAR, then ACT with confident FAITH.

The PLAN can never fail, the PROVISION will never dry up.

1 Chronicles chapters 28, 29.

The PLANS came by the Spirit, & were in great detail – 28:12. Nothing needed to be made up or added by man, it just had to be RECEIVED & BELEIVED.

By all means makes plans, set goals, aim at certain things, but be ready to change, God has a plan for every situation.

WALK & WORK, but be READY to HEAR, when you hear, RESPOND.

The PROVISION started with the generosity of David, then various leaders gave, & then it flowed from everyone.

There was NO LACK, and in this instance, there was NO ASKING. 29:3-9.

MINISTRY KEY – Focus on getting peoples hearts right with God, not the money in their pocket. People give from their HEARTS, not their wallets.


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