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Don Bosco…WOW









Ok, so I thought I had seen poverty, knew what it was, what it looked like, what it smelt like, I mean I really thought I had been there. Which, considering where we live, that’s fair enough.

But today in Don Bosco we went for a wander to map the place out. At the end of the row of buildings was this little slum area that I had never noticed before, so I thought we’d better go in and check it out. Less than 100m into this place there is a pathway that turns left, so let’s go there…WOW. It led us to another 8 double storey buildings, roofs fallen in, rubbish so high, that some of the buildings only look single storey until you get up close to them. People living in homes 6ft by 6ft sq, on stilts, like high rise dog boxes.

I entered a building half under the rubbish by myself, other team members were talking to folks, this building was so big, I nearly got lost in it (not joking), just a literally maze of rubbish submerged housing for the poor, alley after alley of it. Flooded areas, tunnels, dimly lit and full of people. You cannot begin to imagine what I am talking about, but when you come I will take you there, then you will know. Incredible. The pics show you nothing at all.

We successfully opened up another two buildings today by God Himself giving us connections. We walk into building 9, a voice calls out “Ps Mark”, a lady from Baseco is visiting her father who has lived there for the last 4 years. Divine openings, divine connections, just for us.

This place is gold for the gospel. People talk about the wealth of the world, we measure wealth by cars, cash and homes, but people are the real wealth, and from places like this, we will unearth gems of untold value…people, long ago lost, but soon to be found. People seen as worthless, but who have eternal value.

We have such a great team of people working with us, there is no doubt that be the end of this year something significant will be happening in Don Bosco.

What “WORKS” will follow us into heaven…SOULS, PEOPLE… Revelation 14:13 NKJV. Get busy with people, not just ministry.

Love what you do…



  1. It is certainly hard to imagine how obe lives in suchh cobditions. I gather the large sheds are to be converted into living sreas

  2. Reblogged this on Larry Who and commented:
    Most of what we call poverty in America, many Asians would label it as riches. The pictures in the following article by my good friend, Mark Pedder, are eye opening.

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