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Maybe 20 years ago now I purchased a book by John G. LAKE, titled – John G. LAKE, His life, his sermons, His boldness of Faith. What a book, over the years it has become a text book that I refer to over and over again.

I used to have a decent library of Christian literature, a lot of which was about revival/s, revivalists, both modern and past, miracles, leadership and prayer. There was a lot of other stuff, but these were were very common themes amongst all the books.

I wanted to know how the evangelists and preachers got saved, what was the encounter with God that got them saved and how those encounters shaped their lives and ministries.

My favourite commentary was one by Kenneth Wuest, incredible insight into the Greek word meaning, just had such a depth to it, still have this on my phone today and have given numerous copies of the whole set away to young people over the years. Just brilliant for getting the meat of the word into you.

But in the late 90’s God challenged my very strongly about His Word, asking me why I spent so much time reading ABOUT HIS WORD, when I should just spend more time reading His Word.

That was life changing. For the next 15 years I read nothing but the Word, simply never picked up another book. Just got a system going and began chewing my way through the bible, day after day after day, nothing but bible. Totally changed my life in so many ways. I have now read that bible more than 100 times cover to cover.

It was a great disappointment to fellow pastors who considered that not reading books would make me shallow, or lead to strange things. But God was showing me that while there was nothing wrong with someone else’s predigested revelation, it was much more nutritious and satisfying to get your own.

I actually went to the point of giving nearly all my books away, our church got a very nice addition to their library. I kept a handful of classics, books that had changed my life significantly over the years.
One of them was the book I first mentioned in this post. The depth of understanding in this man’s soul concerning the things of God is breath taking. His ability to communicate clearly the revelation that he had is equally brilliant.

So, while I continually push people to the bible, I would also like to recommend this book as a excellent study tool. My copy of this book has as many highlights in it as my bible does, and I have just recently picked it up again. It does not cease to inspire.

But beware, your bible is your best book by far. Any book that does not make you turn to your bible is not worth reading.

Many will not agree, but that’s ok, this is my life, your life is your own to live.

Bless ya – Mark

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  1. “…Any book that does not make you turn to your bible is not worth reading…”

    Smith Wigglesworth would have agreed with you and that’s pretty good company.

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