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Disciple Making, the MISSION

It is so easy to be busy in ministry and miss the point. Activity alone can be no measure at all of success or progress.

We have so many activities, such a busy schedule with so many programs to both minister the Word and help the poor, and clearly the Kingdom of God is expanding and the church is growing numerically. Success…right…? Maybe…

We have had a number of experiences over the last 6 weeks that have made me wonder “are we making disciples as well as we could be”.

The answer to this question should probably always be NO, as the Discipleship process can always be refined and improved, but are we even trying to make disciples..!

In order to answer the question I realised that we actually needed to define, what is a disciple, once we define that, we can evaluate if we are making them, if we are not, we can at least begin to work out how to make one.


Our leadership team will be answering this question and about 30 others over the next few months so we can define the target and hopefully hit the goal in front of us.

Another thing I see is the need for a simple system to make our disciples. We have the Supernatural working well for us, salvation, miracles, Holy Spirit Baptisms, power etc, but the Supernatural must be paired with a Simple System, in order to mature and develop the fruit of the supernatural. This might not sound new to many people, but it’s a revelation to me.

One way ordinary people can do amazing things, is when they have a clear “process” in front of them to guide them in that direction.

We have some good systems in place, both spiritually and practically, but we actually do not have a clear system for Discipleship.

We have led people to Jesus, who have risen to leadership, and they have led people to Jesus, who have also risen to leadership. Now this second group of leaders are leading people to Jesus and some of these people are entering into leadership…so Discipleship is happening, but because there is no clear process or method in place, there are many who could be leaders by now, who are not, because the system is very random.

While I was in Australia recently I heard an awesome man of God, Rod Plummer, share for about 10 minutes on Discipleship, it was brilliant, and there was a voice within the voice as he spoke. He had just prepared some Discipleship material and some one commented on how simple the material was, asking him “Is that it”, his reply was brilliant. “No, we are it”.

Discipleship starts with me, we are the Discipleship, the desire to make disciples is where the process starts.

I know that as we take some time, spend some money and adjust our system, or perhaps even make a clear Discipleship System, the Supernatural that we have is going to combine with that System and we are going to see some incredibly biblical growth…we want the masses like the book of Acts, numbers to great to count.

It’s going to be a great year. Pray for us and then maybe you should come and visit us, see what God is doing and perhaps even add to it.


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  1. Truth, great post…..I am thinking

    Saved is one thing, depth and conviction to do the right thing in spite of EVERYTHING is where the rubber meets the road, that is a disciple.

    In all that I still think of the frailty of man, even the ones Jesus himself discipled….Peter denied him, Judas betrayed him, even Thomas doubted that he had risen……..

    These men show me that discipleship is a slow time consuming process, but deliberate and strategic nevertheless. It takes personal investment, we NEED to be close to people, share their intimate issues, not slam them when they fail, pick em up, dust them down, send them off again. Love and believe in the destiny of people even if they are different to us (personal giftings, ministry gift or just sheer personality) Talking to myself here 😉 nothing personal of course!! 😉

    I think it is relationship with each other that is one of the key to discipleship…….you guys have seen thru the years that the ones that stick now are the ones you have loved through it all…… Many people now who sow into your ministry YOU sowed into their lives years ago. Count them up, You discipled, you did the yards with, you cried, you prayed, you fought with!! Now replicate it. To me it cannot be that different, refined and better YES, but not that different,

    Part of the reason I come to Baseco and BBB is I love you both, we sow into each others lives, i want to sow into your ministry, it is relationship as well as obedience and a good programme!

    I reckon the people that I disciple now are the people I am the most honest with! I am real, I am truthful, I am me………sins and all. I find it interesting that Jesus allowed some of those disciples to be with him and hear what he was going through hours before his crucifixtion, why?? Has it got to do with transparency?? Has it got to do with he just needed his mates? Was it so someone could record it? Was he just being real? He could have done that all alone………but he shared it.

    In some ways I think we (leaders) by being intimate, create a platform for discipleship……..dunno just some rambling thoughts GOP.

    Yes a systems are needed, but Teachers we have MANY of Fathers (and Mothers) (intimate realation, caregiver and authority) we have few of!!

    Love ya friend

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