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An Update on Chris…

Firstly a massive thank you to all the people that have prayed and are still praying, all the texts and calls have made Chris feel like royalty. National boundaries are no hindrance to prayer or friendships. Encouragement and support, love can travel as far as it needs to, thank you so much.

She will be discharged from hospital some time this morning, so it has been a complicated form of Cellulites. She has been in hospital a total of 5 days and had 11 bags of antibiotics, which started off as low doses of 750ml, but then went up to 1.5 grams for the last 8 bags.

Today she will start 1 gram tablets of Augmentin for at least the next 10 days, after which it will be reviewed.

The leg has improved a lot, but swelling has not gone away, and even a short time on her feet brings the swelling back very, very quickly. The leg is still has it’s red rash, but not as bad as it was.

She will not be going into Baseco, as it is summer here, and Chris ankles swell in the heat anyway, so with this issue she cannot risk swelling on top of swelling. She will be going to stay at a friends for a few days who has a clean and cool environment, where she can just have the leg raised and do nothing at.

The current thought is that she will give it a few days and see what the leg does, give it a bit more time to settle down and then make a decision as to weather or not she will return to Australia.

It seems as if she might of picked up the Staphylococci virus from the place where we swim each morning. It is a pool and the water is treated, but the water is often cloudy and clearly nowhere as clean as it would be in Australia. If this is true this is a bummer, as we both enjoy swimming. She had a really small wound with a tiny scab on it, water has probably got under the scab which has been softened by the swimming, and the rest as they say is history.

When you consider where we live and how long we have lived there (11 years), and the fact that this is the first major issue that has come Chris’ way, we have both had a great run which is evidence of Gods Grace and Mercy. The only reason I am explaining this, is we would not want this experience to become a negative expectation for anyone else as they travelled through the 3rd world. Stuff happens, but Christians walk through far more of it than others do. We expect miracles, divine protection and healing, we walk right on through storms and the other issues of life, stuff does go wrong, but we don’t and should not expect it to be the normal experience for us as Christians.

So the chapter is not quite complete on this little challenge, but with the continued prayer support from friends and family we should continue to see improvement.

Chris has been in great spirits throughout it all and was only in pain and discomfort in the first couple of days. Not being ale to walk has been her greatest issue. Other than that she has had a time of rest and relaxation for the last five days.

An interesting thing to note, all public hospitals in this country are free, but the hospital provides basically nothing at all, except a bed and occasional nursing care…on the other side of the fence, Chris gets admitted to a semi private hospital where most things are provided and the level of care is quite reasonable, but the price for that is far greater than it is in Australia, with 5 days costing nearly $1,000, and this is not considered an expensive hospital in this country.



  1. Thanks for the update Mark. God is certainly doing wonders through both of you and your team. Our prayers are with both of you.

  2. Hi Mark Just got your update on Chris. Thought I had missed the original on the blog but it wasn’t on there. Say hello to her from us. We will be praying for her to be healed completely as well. Rob & Jan

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