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Teams, Teams and MORE Teams

Team wise, 2013 is shaping up to be our biggest year EVER.

To date we have 25 Teams or Visitors spread all over the year, which is great, we love teams.

BUT a big reminder to all Teams and Team Leaders –

MONDAY IS A DAY OFF – for myself and Christine, and all our staff. There are no activities ever on a Monday. Things do occasionally pop up and so we deal with them as we need to, but there are no scheduled activities.

We will recommend a couple of tourist things, point you in the direction of a couple of malls, attractions, etc, or maybe you would just like to stay in the hotel and use the facilities there for a day…all up to you. You can even come into the slum, but no one will be “looking after you”.

Sometimes a team is there for only a few days, which might include a Monday and so they would often like to “steward their time well, make the most of it while they are here”, here’s a suggestion, walk out of your hotel, find a beggar and share Jesus, get the hotel staff who clean your room saved…there are lots of options.

This might come as a blow to the ego, but no -one is special enough to get into our Mondays. Each Team must remember that they are 1 team of 25 teams (so far), there are only 52 weeks in the year, if we start adjusting our Mondays, we would never get a Monday.

But just to reiterate, we love teams. Every team brings something different, something unique, every team contributes to the work of God in so many different ways. Every team always leaves a foot print, a mark, in the lives of one or often many. Jesus was into Team, He had His close 3, then the 12 and then another 70, then the masses…but even Jesus took time to refresh Himself on the mountain all night in prayer – we need the same space.

Bless you – Mark


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