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Fire Trike – First Pump Test Run

Here’s a Community Development Plan we have had for a while, time to get on with it.

In a densely populated slum like Baseco, one of the worst things that can happen is FIRE. So many homes do not have running water, the materials people built from are so flammable, especially in the summer months, so many people are either cooking or lighting their homes with some sort of an open flame. People get drunk, fights happen, people fall asleep and accidents happen, a child is careless…whatever the reason, FIRES HAPPEN. It’s not a matter of IF, just a matter of WHEN. We can never stop all fires from happening, we can lessen the likelihood of a fire and we can be ready for when they do happen, so let’s get ready.

A slum across the other side of the Pasig, Parola, just recently had a large fire, more than 2,000 families lost their homes and all of their possessions. THEY WERE NOT READY.

So in an effort to get ahead of the Fires, we are putting together the Fire Trike Program.

The Program is outlined below, but it is basically INFORMATION, EDUCATION, EQUIPPING and TRAINING.

Stage 1 – Information and Awareness Campaign. Hold Community meetings to access and discuss fire risks and solutions. Distribute informative materials throughout the Community on Fire Awareness and Fire Management.
Stage 2 – Develop a Prototype FIRE TRIKE and make FIRE READY 5 homes. A FIRE TRIKE is a Motorbike based mini fire fighting unit. A FIRE READY home, is a home that has a Fire Plan, is equipped with a hose and nozzle, a fire extinguisher and has had PVC water piping replaced with metal pipes.
Stage 3 – Fund Raise for the Project, using the Prototype Fire Trike and the Fire Ready Homes as an example.
Stage 4 – Produce up to 6 FIRE TRIKE Units, which will be stationed in strategic places around the slum community. Conduct FIRE TRIKE Training on how to use the vehicle.
Stage 5 – Make FIRE READY as many homes as funding allows. Conduct training on basic Fire Fighting Techniques.

After some research, we purchased our fire fighting pump and hose. Here is the very first attempt at firing it up and seeing how well, or not, it works. Of course the engine took a bit of starting, but it’s brand new and never been started before, but after a few hours of running it in, I am sure it will start better next time.

Over all, the first test was a huge success. Now we just have to put it all together into a functional and operating Fire Trike, and then implement the other aspects of the Project.

Pretty cool. Jesus changed the world, we are following in His footsteps and changing ours.

First Test – Fire Fighting Pump

Interesting though, how we as Christians are always calling out for Fire, we want the Fire of God, come and burn in us, Fire of Revival come etc…but here we are developing a system to put Fires out. I wonder if we ever unintentionally do this in our personal or church lives as well..? We call for fire, without realizing that there are systems in our lives that are often quenching the fire once it comes.



  1. This is a fantastic project! love to see how you are always going ‘above and beyond’ for want of a better cliche. Will be spreading the word about this one to hopefully get some funds heading your way for this venture. inspirational. thanks for sharing.

  2. Reblogged this on Centre Peace and commented:
    Wanted to share this community development plan that a friend of mine is doing… and also like his challenge (as always 🙂 ) as to what systems we have in place to quench the spiritual fire that we keep asking for… hmmm food for thought

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