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Fire in Tambakan

5.30am on Christmas Eve, and a fire has just ravaged Tambakan, totally destroying Ps Marivic and Marco’s home and all of their possessions. Five other of our leaders lost their homes, Liezels huose was damaged, but not destroyed, Rose Talle’s, Rose and Chris, Irene, Loreena Mission, Vangie and about 50 other families have totally lost everything – homes completey destroyed…lives shattered…Merry Christmas.

We will immediately begin some relief help, providing shelter for people in the Prayer House ad in the Church. We will also erect some temporary shelters, where needed and begin some form of daily feeding program for perhaps the next week.

People have already pledged funds to assist with this, if you would like to give please co-ordinate your giving via the Barossa Valley AOG, Ps Dianne Pope, and Shirelive in Sydney, Ps Warren Searles – you can find numbers for these churches on the net.

The needs will be as follows –
– right now, it’s emergencey assitance – food, basic shelter, which might cost AUD 50 per person…
– future needs are complete house rebuilds – these will vary in price, but will be a maximum of AUD 250 per home…
– Re-establishment Packages – household good, clothes, food – AUD 250 per family.

Obviously other organisations will also help, but in all honesty that help is usually so token, that it is a waste of time…let’s show people how Jesus helps…it’s Christmas…let’s make it Christmas for these people.



  1. Mark, is there any way you can post a direct link to where we can donate?? I can repost that link through my FB & would like to donate. Thanks!

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