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“Pigsa” – Boils

We found this little boy a few days ago. He had had a large “pigsa” (boil) right in the middle of his back for the last two weeks. For some reason it had not burst (which is bad) and the parents had tried to keep it clean, but had not sought medical attention. They are very poor, often the poor won’t go to hospital because they can’t afford the medicine anyway, so what’s the point.

The problem in this case is the location of the pigsa and the swelling it is causing is making it hard for this little fellow to walk. But a little bit of care and kindness, a little bit of antiseptic powder and betadine, a clean bange daily and for some reason this thing burst after 2 days (I say God did it). This was a deep pigsa, look at the hole it left in his back. The hole looks bad, but it’s great, no puss, no infection and the wound will heal now. So we literally pack the hole with antiseptic powder and betadine, a clean bandage and in a few days this thing will be all fixed. Not that hard to do, but makes a huge difference to this little boy.

Looks a bit messy, but we are all that concerned with neat and tidy, we want him fixed.

Most of our leaders can now confidently treat minor stuff like this, but it is so often these little things that get infected and become serious problems, so if we take care of the minor stuff, it does not become major.

Same in our walk with Jesus amen, it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine, deal with the small stuff as soon as it happens and it never becomes a serious problem.

God Bless – Mark



  1. ouch! i also have pigsa now on the left part of my butt. it realy hurt so much. good job on helping people most specialy for those who can’t afford to buy meds and go to hospitals

  2. I commend you guys! Galing nyo! Currently I am suffering from Pigsa on the lower left side of my abdomen. I hope that it will burst na rin. Congrats s inyo…

  3. WOW.. im still lucky i havent experienced that huge pigsa.. in fact, i have three on my right underarm and one on my right back… unfortunatley, my pigsa is recurring.. i thought of visiting a doctor for a blood test.. please pray for me… thanks

  4. i have 6 months old baby she have this pigsa n her upper leg for 7days and it hasnt burst yet im getting worrid coz there is no open on the top of it,should i go to the doc and let them do the flusing of the wound?????????????pls let me know tnx ,,,SHEILA

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