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Hair Lip Operations


Hi there to all – look at these results, great stuff…3 children have had operations so far…

Our first hairlip child was Muhumad…check out the before and after…PHOTO 1-2.

This next one is Noah, this is a stunning difference, you have took look a few times to see the same kid…he had to have a false upper lip put in so he could drink and put on weight before the operation, what a difference…PHOTO 3-6.

Then there was Jonmar…PHOTO 7-8, all of these children still have cleft pallets to fix in a few months time.

One of the aspects of Jesus, was that He “went around doing good…”, of course He did it in the power of the Holy Spirit and with pure miracles, demonstrations and manifestations of heaven (due to various lacks in our own personal lives we tend to do things with finance or medicines – which can never be the right way to get stuff done…but until our hearts open to God and His Spirit, it’s all we have at the moment)…but none the less great results for these children and their mothers.

I think that we have 7 more children going through the examination progress before they can get their operations, including a 28 year old man, who can hardly talk due to the size of the cleft in his pallet.

For more info’ please do a search for “Smiletrain” on the net and spread the word about how easy these things are to fix.

God Bless – Mark and Chris


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