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Time to Start

Chris and myself are both first generation Christians, so we did not enter Christianity with any form of Christian heritage […]


This weekend in Melbourne we are both excited to be able to attend the “Awakening”. A prayer and worship event […]

Simple TRUTH

Think back on your last week. Who frustrated you most? Probably the people who didn’t do what they said they were […]


Just a few more pics from our latest Danish TEAM, just helping out with everything that we do. TEAM – […]

Alternative Restaurant

This is a great little video made by the BBC in a place called “Happy Land” where we have a […]

Helping Hands

Our most recent visitors helping out, getting involved and just being another pair of hands together with our team. It […]


Another fire in Don Bosco. This time there is nothing left of the building at all. In this picture I […]

Iron Sharpens Iron

Another young foreign couple visiting the ministry in Manila. There is a lot of controversy when comes to having teams […]

Lesson from the ARCHIVES

I have shared this photo before. It’s a Christmas that is seared into my brain. Early days of Baseco, literally […]

Very Normal & Very Nice

As always, it’s so interesting to be in Australia after being away for most of the year. First thing you […]


As Christians we need to go as deep and as far into Jesus and the Holy Spirit as we can, […]