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Wild Youth

All youth was tonight, was real worship followed by real prayer. 2.5 hours later, we are hearing testimonies of visions, […]

Lessons to be Learnt

The demolition of Don Bosco is in full swing now, and rightly so, no one should ever live in those […]

More Please…

So how was church this morning? Not bad. It started with prayer 30 minutes before church, which had a lot […]


I had the privilege last night of sharing with the youth. Spoke very simply on the laying on of hands […]

New Look Church

I have been away for a few days diving with a couple of guys from the recent Singapore TEAM, come […]

Talent Night

Big, big day. Lots of work, heaps of sweat, but great fun for all. North Fairview got Talent. 15 acts […]

Letting GO of ALL

Here’s another worship based revelation that has come out of His presence this week. We were just singing some simple […]

Prepare Right

I have never really been one to spend too much time preparing sermons. I am not against it, but I […]

Photo Story

What a photo…what a mess, just a busy photo, full of rust, rubbish, tragedy, dysfunction and poverty…BUT if you take […]

Singapore TEAM 2019

All week we have had a team from Singapore with us. This is their 2nd trip, with a few of […]

Early will I seek thee

One of those mornings where sleep is just not yours, so we can either lie there, tossing and turning or […]


Last night was one of those sleepless nights where you just lye there wondering and pondering the things of God. […]

Health vs Healing

I was listening to a preacher this morning and he said something that I agree with, but he just said […]

Get Involved

Don’t over rate the call, choose to volunteer. Sometimes people starting out in ministry won’t do certain things, thinking they […]

Don Bosco Demolition

The day we predicted and have been waiting for has arrived. Don Bosco is being demolished. Day by day registered […]

Un-planned Unity

Australia is like most other nations, we have so many types of Christian church and believer. All based on God, […]

Roderick Mission

An incredible success story. A life of struggles, trials and tragedy that has not been able to define or hold […]