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1 Peter 3:15-16 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to […]


For salvation to come to your life there are a number of steps that need to happen.. Process.. Not about […]

Gather, then Feed… 

Discipleship is Evangelism and Pastoring COMBINED.  PREACHING and PROVIDE GOOD TEACHING, in order to make disciples.  Gather people and then […]

Christ in me, me in Christ

Man is clearly searching for God, evidenced by so many religions.  Man wants to be connected with a higher power, […]

Get the point right… 

Doing “great things” should probably not be our aim, being good, being the best Christian we can be, should be […]

Do what works… 

​In all areas of life, there are things that work and things that don’t work. Identify them and choose what […]


One of the main things that we do is this “TURN SHEEP INTO SHEPHERDS”. One of the single biggest lessons […]

Great Revelation

I AM “IN”. Beautiful revelation. For years I have been one of these people “entering in to Gods presence, coming […]

Leadership Thoughts

Sheep and shepherds.  Leaders and followers – we are all both..  When you only see yourself as a follower, you […]

Few more Thoughts

We can undo alot of hard work very quickly with just a few casual or un-thoughtful words, phrases or sentences.  […]


Flying from Adelaide to Perth I just happened to glance out of the window at the right time to see […]


For those who follow my blog, you might be “wondering” what all these wordy posts are about, let me explain. […]


Human laws, principals, do not work in the heavenly realm. They are earth bound. I might live on earth, but […]

Alter Reality 

God is a miracle working God, we are therefore miracle working people. Scripture enlarges our dreams and visions, it takes […]


I ask myself alot of questions, I mean “alot of questions”. They just buzz around inside my head all of […]

2017 Truths

God gives us things we do not deserve, His kindness, richness and grace, they all lead to the most amazing […]

Book Recommendation 

What an excellent book, not just about business principles, about life principles.  This year I have read some brilliant books, […]

Random 2017 Thoughts

Do what needs to be done, because it needs to be done.  Love God, love others, love life.  See the […]


One of the main things that we do is this “TURN SHEEP INTO SHEPHERDS”. One of the single biggest lessons […]

ALL Positive

Church is full, which is unusual as we draw nearer to Christmas. Usually church attendance gets lower and lower as […]

Pass the “Past” 

No matter what a person has done, do not hold them in their past. Perhaps use occasional lessons from their […]

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