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What do you see? 

Problems try to blind us to what is possible. Don’t deny the problem, see it, acknowledge it, now ask yourself, […]

Rainy day Pics

Just out and about today doing some visitation of church members. There has been some rain, so it’s a little […]


Most things come by choice, not by chance. We can walk through life without going anywhere, repeating the same old […]


Knowing what we dont want, won’t usually get us anywhere, we must know what we want. Aim at something, or […]

Good Mistakes 

People must know that mistakes are ok, they can’t be criticised or penalised for them, but, together, we must learn […]


The best years of our life are the ones in which we decide, or realise that our problems are our […]

What Jesus Did. 

The ministry of Jesus was very simple. It revolved around 3 consistent activities.  1 – Teaching – Greek: didasko, to […]

Resist – Why..? 

Don’t waste time trying to stay the same. Jesus is “making us”, don’t resist the process.  Acknowledge stuff, adjust stuff […]


Some thoughts from Joseph. The importance of the dream.  So many biblical ref’ to dreams – God often speaks & […]

Test Drilling 

Excuse the photo, my phone was inside a zip lock bag, because it’s dumping with rain.  But this is one […]


Over 1 week of rain. Everything is wet or damp. Next challenge will be fighting the mould and stopping your […]

Seriously “Y” 

There are a couple of rocks at the edge of the water, but “seriously”, why would you consider building a […]

Rain, Rain, Rain

I am sort of hoping this week has just been random rain, because it’s too early for the rainy season […]


SERIOUSLY WORTH A SHORT READ – I met this very inspirational guy in the gym this morning. He shuffles in, […]

Help Me Believe

Strengthen the believer. Answer the critic.

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